Antivirus software Norton 360 Premium - 10 devices / 12 months

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NEW Norton 360 Premium provides effective protection levels for your devices and online privacy - all in an integrated solution. Your PCs or Mac®, tablets, or smartphones are protected from viruses, ransomware, phishing, and other online threats at all times when banking, browsing the web, or shopping online.

Personal data sent across your devices are protected inside and outside your home by our Secure VPN using encryption applied by banks. It helps stop cybercriminals from accessing your personal data when you connect to a Wi-Fi network - even a public hotspot.

Norton 360 Premium also includes a cloud backup service for your PC to prevent data loss caused by hard drive failure, device loss or even ransomware attack. Moreover, it offers a Password Manager extension to securely manage passwords, login credentials, and a Parental Control feature. 

Multiple levels of device protection and online privacy for the whole family - all within an integrated solution.

Protect many devices, including PCs and Mac® computers, smartphones and tablets, from malware, phishing and ransomware by protecting additional devices (up to 10 devices).

Create, store and manage passwords (including credit card information and other credentials) in a secure, encrypted vault in the cloud using the Password Manager extension.

Store important files and documents to prevent data loss due to hard drive failure, device theft or ransomware attack with 75 GB of cloud backup space for your PC.

Blockage of any unauthorized traffic trying to connect to your PC with Intelligent Firewall for PC.

SafeCam: Instant alerts for webcam access attempts and blockage of unauthorized webcam access.

Access to your favourite apps and sites on or off your home Wi-Fi network with protection from the banking-grade encryption used by Secure VPN.

Parental control tools to help kids explore the Internet safely with Parental Controls functionality.

NEW Norton 360 Premium is designed to provide multiple protection levels for your PC or Mac® or mobile devices and online privacy both inside and outside the home - all within an integrated solution. Norton 360 Premium:

  • Helps to detect Internet-originated threats to your device and the personal data stored on it at home or anywhere while banking, browsing the Internet or shopping online.

  • Ensures reliable protection with encryption used by banks when connecting to Wi-Fi or Secure VPN at home or on the go.

  • Provides tools required to create, store and manage passwords more securely

  • Monitors communications between your computer and other computers on the network and helps blocking unauthorized traffic using an Intelligent Firewall on your PC or Firewall on your Mac.

  • Provides cloud backup for your PC as a means of preventing data loss.

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