Antivirus software G Data Internet Security - 3 devices / 1 year

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Strongly protection against viruses and ransomware width strong firewall

Viruses, phishing, ransomware? Leave it to us! Our brand new DeepRay® and BEAST technologies use artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to detect camouflaged and previously unknown malware. G DATA – 35 years of experience in the fight against cyber threats.

  • Protection against viruses, ransomware, and other malware.

  • Real-time protection without performance losses. 

  • Hourly signatures updates.

  • Excellent security solutions with 2 scanning engines.

  • Secure online banking and shopping.        

  • Phishing  protection.

  • AntiSpam.          

  • BEAST – better protection against cybercriminals.

  • Exploit protection.

  • Automatic USB devices scan.

  • AMSI implementation.

  • Firewall to protect against hacker attacks.

  • Parental Controls.

  • Automatic backup in the cloud.

  • The G DATA Polish-language support.        

Virus protection just got better. Much better.

Using artificial intelligence to combat criminal scams

G DATA is putting cybercriminals out of business: Our DeepRay® technology – developed inhouse – reveals camouflaged malware immediately. This means that hackers can’t simply change the camouflage to trick antivirus software for a new attack anymore. They have to rewrite the core of the malware itself – a much taller order.

Powerfully secure

BEAST means you’ve always got powerful protection on your side. The technology also protects you from the latest malware, regardless of whether you’re doing some online shopping, chatting with friends, or simply just browsing the web. Behavioral analysis allows BEAST to detect malicious processes and stop them immediately. Using the full power of your device.

G DATA protects your computer against…

1. Banking Trojans.

Banking Trojans are becoming more and more of a threat. On an hourly basis, online criminals are developing new malware variants (e.g. ZeuS, SpyEye) to use to steal your money.

2. Phishing.

With so-called phishing, scammers on the Internet attempt to redirect customers of a particular bank or shop to fake websites in order to steal their data there. Activating the phishing protection is highly recommended.

3. Encrypted viruses.

The malware encrypts the data on your computer and threatens to only unencrypt it once you pay a ransom.

Tested. Proven. Excellent.

Detection and retention of all ransomware and cryptomining.  AVLab 2018

100 % Detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks. AV-Test 2020

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